Support Our Mission

Our Mission:
TherapyWorks NW desires to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to children with disabilities who would otherwise be denied adequate services due to financial limitations; thereby helping children to reach their full potential to participate in society and enjoy living, and giving families the opportunity to obtain adequate treatment for their children.

How You Can Help:
By sponsoring a child’s therapy you help a disabled child to function better in their life with basic things such as learning to sit up better at the dinner table or to stand, walk or run more effectively. Your donation improves the quality of their life and donations are 100% tax deductible.

Your reward is also in knowing that you have helped a disabled child become a more self-sufficient and contributing member of society.

Use the links below to either purchase products where a percent of the proceeds are donated to TherapyWorks or make a direct cash donation.

We are always accepting donations in person as well, whether that be diapers, bags of horse feed, office supplies, therapy supplies, etc. We have a beautiful Giving Tree displayed in our waiting room that shares what types of donations we are currently hoping for! You may also ask for a donation receipt.

Current examples are: