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Our mission is to provide physical therapy, including hippotherapy, to children with disabilities regardless of their ability to pay.

Cute little girl at therapy session.

If your child does not currently have insurance coverage, you can apply for services that are privately funded. Click here to open a pdf of our application form.

A demonstration of sensory integration.

During the fourteen years that Bobbi Culter, MSPT, owned and operated a pediatric physical therapy clinic, she identified two issues in the Oregon health care system:

(1) Insurance providers, including state Medicaid, limit the number of rehabilitative sessions a child may take annually, and

(2) Specialty treatment strategies, such as hippotherapy, are often excluded from coverage.

A premature discharge from therapy sessions when annual coverage ends creates a gap in a child's therapeutic regimen of as long as four months.

Bobbi founded TherapyWorks Northwest in 2006 to close this gap in her patients' care as well as to offer hippotherapy services. A cute child balances herself on hoseback. Having introduced this specialty into her practice in 2000, she had come to recognize it as a valuable treatment strategy. Click here to learn more about hippotherapy.

Today, TherapyWorks Northwest offers traditional fee for service treatment plans as well as services to children in need.